Roadster 1"

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  • CB00177
  • 163L001.1SW
LSL Roadster handlebar 1" 810 mm wide & 80 mm high. Available in chrome or black. All cables &... more
Product information "Roadster 1""

LSL Roadster handlebar 1" 810 mm wide & 80 mm high. Available in chrome or black. All cables & wires fit the Bonneville, so nothing needs to be changed or rebuilt. On the Thruxton the throttle cable has to be moved to the right side of the frame and a longer brake line and clutch cable has to be installed.

The Roadster handlebar is our absolute recommendation for every Bonneville with 1" handlebar. The handlebars looks on the one hand by its offset & height exactly fitting to our bikes & on the other hand it is also simply cool to ride! When you turn it up, the handlebars provide a seating position that gives you a lot of feeling for the front wheel (perfect for all those who like to ride faster in the curves).
If you turn the handlebar further down (towards the rider), it becomes the perfect cruiser handlebar, which gives a nice flat line (see photos of the aluminum bike).

The original handlebar end weights cannot be used any further, because the ori. handlebar has a thread welded in and every accessory handlebar is hollow inside. Therefore new ones are needed to have a clean handlebar end (see accessory products in this description).

Steel version: Handlebar material is steel / in black the handlebars are coated in satin black. in silver the handlebars are chrome plated.

Version aluminium: Handlebar material is aluminium (nice and light) / The handlebars are delivered in a very nice matt (glass bead blasted) finish. Only available in black.

With TÜV parts certificate

Modelle Triumph AC bis 2015: Bonneville T100 EFI, Bonneville T100 Vergaser, Speedmaster / America, Thruxton 900 EFI
Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black 16", Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Speedmaster, Thruxton 1200
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