Chain Kit 900cc engine

Chain Kit 900cc engine
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Chain Ring:

  • CB11452
  • 211257525
Chain set complete for Bonneville T100, StreetTwin, StreetCup, StreetScrambler. Serial... more
Product information "Chain Kit 900cc engine"

Chain set complete for Bonneville T100, StreetTwin, StreetCup, StreetScrambler. Serial translation of the motorcycles see table below.
Enuma chain 520 MVXZ2, the highest quality chain on the market! There is cheaper but nothing better. Quadra-X rings provide a significantly improved life compared to O-ring chains used by motorcycle manufacturers and X-ring chains from other accessory manufacturers. They prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture and provide additional grease chambers.
Attention! A screw lock must be ordered separately (see accessories) a rivet lock is included.

Due to the patented screw lock (accessory), the changing of the chain can be carried out by anyone without any problems and faster at home, without swinging out or blasting and riveting. That saves time and money. Simply through the old chain, Enuma with screw lock on it and ready (a screw lock holds just as well as a rivet lock!). These chains are so strong that a trailer is almost unnecessary.
Chainring (in black) and sprockets are made of very high quality carbon steel.

Serial translation

model chainring pinion
Bonneville T100 41 teeth 17 teeth
Street Twin 41 teeth 17 teeth
StreetScrambler 41 teeth 17 teeth
StreetCup 41 teeth 17 teeth

Since the serial translation is clearly too short, we recommend taking the larger 44er chainring and translating the bike a bit shorter. This pushes the bike down again significantly stronger, but still does not lose the top speed.

Attention at Bonneville T100: Triumph has changed the swingarm length of the Bonneville T120 over the years (the newer models have a slightly longer swingarm). So that we can pack you to the chain kit the suitable chain to it, we must know whether the long or the short swing arm is built in. You can see how you can check this in the product photos. Please indicate then in the order comment whether the long or the short swingarm is installed.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bonneville T100, Street Cup, Street Scrambler, Street Twin
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