HeckWeck Kit Speed Twin Version 2

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Rear alarm kit Triumph Speed Twin / Version 2: turn signals are mounted on the license plate... more
Product information "HeckWeck Kit Speed Twin Version 2"

Rear alarm kit Triumph Speed Twin / Version 2: turn signals are mounted on the license plate holder.

With this rear the Speed Twin looks much sportier and lives up to its name. The rear becomes a bit shorter by the fender which is dismantled. Because of that the rear looks really crisp!

The kit consists of: A plastic under shell (serves as a splash guard in the rear & as a holder for electronic components under the seat), an aluminum license plate holder with turn signal holders coated in black, a license plate light (with E-number, holes on the license plate holder are already available), all cables, plugs & screws needed for assembly (a plug that fits in the original wiring harness is included), as well as a very detailed step by step assembly instructions.
Also included is a turn signal/rear light combination of your choice (these turn signals have 3 functions turn signal, rear light & brake light and this completely legal with E-number!).
Please click through all pictures to select the desired turn signals, a photo of each turn signal is included.
This makes the rear completely free and the license plate closes wonderfully with the seat (no central tail light needed).

If you don't feel like wiring, crimping and soldering the enclosed cables and plugs, you can also order this service (see accessories in the description).
In other words, only indicators, lights etc. have to be crimped and can then be connected without having to change anything on the wiring harness. The conversion can also be carried out by less experienced screwdrivers without any problems (as the installation instructions are really very detailed).
Resistors are not necessary, because the flashing frequency can be adjusted via the menu.

The indicators CLUB, LEGGERA & IRIDE are all three indicators of the brand Rizoma. These are turn signals, which are manufactured in highest quality and precision. Therefore they are also our recommendation.

Matching turn signals for the front can be found below in the accessories of this description.


The kit is available in 2 versions.
Version 1: The turn signals are mounted with a retaining plate from the inside on the shock absorber. When the ignition is switched off you almost think of the motorcycle, there are no turn signals (but you can see them well enough when they are lights). But it is not Stvo conform, because the turn signals are too far in the rear.
Click here for version 1

Version 2: The indicators are mounted directly on the license plate. Brackets are then attached to the license plate holder. (Stvo compliant).

If you want it 100% correct for TÜV & police, you can order a reflex reflector (see accessories).

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Speed Twin
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