Raisch 4-Kolben Bremszange LC

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RAISCH brake caliper with four pistons, made in Germany by ABM.  CNC-milled, pearlescent... more
Product information "Raisch 4-Kolben Bremszange LC"

RAISCH brake caliper with four pistons, made in Germany by ABM.  CNC-milled, pearlescent blasted, black matt anodized and with lasered Raisch logo.  Perhaps the most beautiful brake caliper on the market. Fits StreetTwin, Bonneville T100, Streetcup, StreetScrambler, Bobber, Bobber Black, Speedmaster, Bonneville T120 & Thruxton 1200. We developed this nice brake caliper together with the company ABM. The result in terms of braking performance and workmanship is sensational. Due to the middle bar a distortion of the caliper under pressure is impossible. The difference to the series 2-piston calipers from Nissin is striking. The optical gain speaks volumes. No adapters are needed for mounting as with some other solutions, since the brake calliper is mounted directly on the mounting like the originals. By the suitable piston sizes in the pliers the original brake pumps are unrestricted usable. A great pressure point makes this pliers almost a 2-finger brake. A second brake disc on the 1-disc models is no longer missing. Extensive tests under really sharp conditions of "Racinghenne" showed no fading. With the models Bonneville T120 and Thruxton 1200 the braking performance is raised to the level of the Thruxton R brake. Anyone who has ever driven a Thruxton R knows how big the difference is. We deliver this caliper without brake pads. There are Lucas SV sinter metal pads (with ABE) or Lucas SRQ racing pads (without ABE) available for EUR 39.95 pair for one side (you can find it here in the article under accessories). Our recommendation is clearly with the SRQ rubbers. They are softer, brake better and protect the brake disc. Disadvantage is a shortened life span. The RAISCH brake calipers are supplied with a TÜV parts certificate. Delivery includes new steel flex brake line. If the original handlebar is NOT installed, please state in the comment field when ordering which handlebar is installed (concerns the brake line length). Please also specify the motorcycle in the comment field (this also applies to the suitable brake line).

The brake caliper has as single caliper (speak only left) at the Bobber and the Street models only the small R-Logo. The sets speak left + right have the Raisch logo on them.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black, Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Speedmaster, Street Cup, Street Scrambler, Street Twin, Thruxton 1200
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