Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust Bobber & Speedmaster

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Remus stainless steel exhaust system for Bonneville Bobber & Bobber Black 16" & Speedmaster. The... more
Product information "Remus Stainless Steel Exhaust Bobber & Speedmaster"

Remus stainless steel exhaust system for Bonneville Bobber & Bobber Black 16" & Speedmaster. The exhaust has exactly the right slash-cut design for the bobber. The exhaust is better processed than the Vance and Hines and sounds even better.

The exhaust is with E-number & removable DB-killer. The exhaust can be driven absolutely socially acceptable even without DB-Killer. Due to the special fastening technology of Remus, a removed DB-Killer is usually not recognizable. Since the Euro4 standard, the DB killers have to be secured somewhat better by their manufacturers. In order to remove the DB-Killer from the exhaust system, a safety plate must be removed (milled off). Then the Db-Killer has to be clamped into the lathe to remove all milling marks.
If you want this done, you have to order the additional article DB-Killer Remus Bobber Exhaust CB11514 (see accessories in this description).

The exhaust doesn't only sound better, but also provides a bit more power and torque (see power curve).

There are special Racing-DB-Killers for the exhaust developed by us for more sound than series and also more power (because the original DB-Killer is quite too much). For the sound you want. See accessories in this description.

For Swiss customers the exhausts can be delivered with a declaration of suitability.

Note for the Speedmaster 1200: The exhaust system also fits the Speedmaster, but is not homologated for it.

The exhaust is now delivered with a discreet Remus logo (see the last two bidders).

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black 16", Speedmaster
Hot Rod Exhaust
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