Mugello Seat Speed Twin

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The Tamarit Mugello Seat for Triumph Speed Twin 1200 is a really nice narrow & short seat that... more
Product information "Mugello Seat Speed Twin"

The Tamarit Mugello Seat for Triumph Speed Twin 1200 is a really nice narrow & short seat that gives the rear of each Triumph SpeedTwin 1200 a really crisp shape.

Through the shape of the seat, the beautiful rear frame as well as round arch is highlighted again more, because the seat runs exactly over the frame and this also leaves visible.
The quilting pattern on the bench looks particularly nice and is not one of the two classic patterns (cross ribs or diamonds) as you know it from almost all benches, but a mixture of both. A real eye catcher.
Also looks particularly cool in combination with our HeckWeck kits, so you get a really cool short and clean tail (see accessories article in this description).

In addition, the seat has a particularly clean & beautiful transition to the tank. Through the cushion, which rises at the front of the tank, you also get a bit more seating comfort. When braking hard, you no longer slide against the hard tank but in the cushion.

The assembly of the seat is very simple. Simply make the original off and the new on it. The Alpin seat is attached and locked just like the original with the key lock.

For all Tamarit bench seats, a very high quality seat cushion foam is chosen to ensure the highest possible seating comfort.
The bench is handmade in Spain.

The materials chosen for the base is a high quality fiberglass. The cover is one of the finest imitation leather you can get (are from shipbuilding). These look and feel almost like real leather. But have the advantage that they are absolutely easy to clean and you also have no problems with a wet bench, in the rain.

Dimensions: 73x25x12

Attention: Does not fit the Euro5 models. For these models will come in the future a new Vresion.

Triumph LC ab 2016:
  • Speed Twin EU 4
  • Speed Twin EU 5
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