About us

Our company classicbike - Raisch GmbH is based in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck.

This is located in East-Westphalia near Bielefeld. We have always been crazy about motorcycles. Our ancient love for the Triumph brand has prompted us to pursue this topic professionally. The scene around: Cafer-Racer, Srambler and other conversions in England, France, USA and even in Italy is much more active than in Germany. So we looked around there more times. Finding the best and most beautiful parts, making business connections with the suppliers and importing it to Germany.

We have looked at the production sites and placed great emphasis on best quality. Almost all parts are produced in Europe and are not bulk goods from the Far East. These are miniature series, which are often produced by hand in small editions. First-class finishing and finishing are our top priority in our product selection. If one or other has the feeling that similar parts are cheaper for other brands, he is sometimes right. The reason are the small numbers mentioned, because our beloved Twins do not go too often in the streets, thank God, but we get a certain exclusivity, which we all like. Furthermore, there is also a large difference in the material quality between the products of the various manufacturers. CNC is not the same CNC. The subtle difference sees and feels the trained eye.

Since small series can always mean delivery bottlenecks, we ask for forbearance at this point. Some things are not produced until the supplier has enough orders. Be assured, however, that we will start everything to deliver the goods as soon as possible

Unfortunately, we had to incorporate the not inconsiderable freight costs from abroad into our pricing. When comparing prices with other internet providers from USA, England and France, please note that these prices are usually without packaging, freight, VAT and customs duties.