Intake Cover Kit BMW R9T

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  • CB11888
  • KRT-R9T-AS-02-SM
The original and long intake snorkel of the BMW R nine T models belongs classically to the R9T,... more
Product information "Intake Cover Kit BMW R9T"

The original and long intake snorkel of the BMW R nine T models belongs classically to the R9T, but by far not everyone likes it! On some machines it even looks like a foreign body and does not fit nicely to the shape of the tank.
So our good friend Marvin from KRT Framework thought that it would be a much nicer solution. With the short intake kit there is finally a solution that replaces the much too long intake snorkel with a nice short one that fits more than perfectly to the tank shape of the R9T.

The inner snorkel in the kit ensures that cool ambient air and airflow is still sucked in and not warm ram air from under the tank.
The snorkel is made of 2mm thick aluminum sheet metal, TIG welded and black satin powder coated.
It is simply exchanged against the original part. There are no adjustments necessary, so your R nineT can be retrofitted at any time.

The corresponding air intake cover is made of carbon fiber using an infusion process, just like it is used in professional motorsports.
Afterwards the cover is painted either in black silk matt or the original BMW color of the scrambler "Monolith metallic matt".
Furthermore, the cover is still available in raw. This is then only filled and delivered ready to paint.
Please choose the desired color in the selection.

The cover will be fixed to the snorkel as well as to the two original screwing points.

The cover integrates perfectly into the tank shape and makes the R nineT look sportier and more compact.

Included in the kit is an air inlet cover made of carbon fiber fabric, the inner snorkel is made of aluminum, as well as all the small material needed for mounting.
A material certificate of the carbon fiber cover is also included in the delivery.

Modelle BMW R9T: R nineT /5, R nineT Classic Euro 3, R nineT Classic Euro 4, R nineT Pure Euro 4, R nineT Racer, R nineT Scrambler Euro 4, R nineT Urban GS Euro 4
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