Military Leather Duffel Bag

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A very high quality, handmade genuine leather luggage roll in the style of an old military... more
Product information "Military Leather Duffel Bag"

A very high quality, handmade genuine leather luggage roll in the style of an old military duffel.

The classic one is perfect for every motorcycle tour, the luggage roll. But most of them look anything but beautiful. The classic plastic wheels are practical but do not fit to our horny bikes!
Here is the solution! A practical luggage roll made of real leather. Super fast to pack, a lot of space (variable size by rolling up the opening) and quickly attached to the bike. And in addition the duffel bag looks really chic!
The roll has a small inside pocket to store important things and small parts, as well as a small zipper on the outside, with which you can reach the inside of the bag. Very practical for things you need to get hold of quickly on tour (so you don't have to open the whole bag.
The bag has a handle to carry it properly when it is not on the bike. There are also some straps & eyelets on the outside, with which the bag can be quickly and easily lashed to the bike.

Included are some straps and ropes to fix the bag to the bike and a shoulder strap to carry the bag comfortably. Also included is a plastic rain cover to protect your belongings when it gets really wet. The bag can also withstand a light rain shower, if you take care of and impregnate the leather from time to time.

A very high quality leather is deliberately chosen for these bags, so that you can enjoy the bag for many years or not at all. As with all leather items, this vintage military duffle bag gets more and more beautiful with the years & from tour to tour due to the patina it gets.

dimensions: height: 50cm / diameter: 25cm / volume: 24L

Among the accessories in this description you will find other leather items that are made of the same leather as the luggage roll.
Furthermore you can find some luggage rack systems in the accessories, with which you can tie the bag even easier to the bike.

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