Rizoma Revers Radial Mirror R9T

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  • CB11869
  • BS232A
The Rizoma Revers Radial handlebar end clamp mirror, captivates by its modern design, which... more
Product information "Rizoma Revers Radial Mirror R9T"

The Rizoma Revers Radial handlebar end clamp mirror, captivates by its modern design, which nevertheless looks classical by its elegant drop shape. WITH E-number. A glare-reduced Convex mirror glass is used to ensure the best possible visibility. A mirror of the highest quality due to modern production. The mirror nestles into the classic design of the BMW R nine T as if from a single mould.
Rizoma is not just an accessory manufacturer, but THE manufacturer. The surface of the Rizoma milled parts is unique and impresses with its filigree milling lines.

For mounting on the original handlebars you need the adapter BMW R9T adapter weights + mirrors (see accessories) and the handlebar end weight for mounting mirrors (see accessories). If you mount an accessory handlebar, you can also simply slide the fittings a little further inwards and clamp the mirror directly over the handlebar or use the mirror end weights (see Accessories).
If the mirror is clamped directly over the handlebars, we recommend ordering the flat handlebar end cap from Rizoma in addition to the mirror to have a clean and perfect handlebar end.

The price is for one mirror.

Classicbike-Raisch recommendation: If you install mirrors on the R9T handlebar ends, the unsightly threads for the mirrors remain on the armature. To get rid of these, we have elegant CNC-milled mounts without the mirror threads in our range (see accessories article in this description). 

Modelle BMW R nineT: R nineT /5 EU 4, R nineT Classic EU 3, R nineT Classic EU 4, R nineT Pure EU 4, R nineT Racer EU 4, R nineT Scrambler EU 4, R nineT Urban GS EU 4
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