Flat Styl Mirror R9T with E-number

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  • CB11400
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The Flat-Style mirrors for the R9T provide really nice flat look on your R9T! Not everyone... more
Product information "Flat Styl Mirror R9T with E-number"

The Flat-Style mirrors for the R9T provide really nice flat look on your R9T!

Not everyone likes handlebar end mirrors, but almost no one likes far out and up mirrors that look like mouse ears. So we came up with a mirror kit where the mirrors sit as flat as possible and directly on the mirror mount. At first glance, you think, how are you supposed to see anything in that mirror? That's what we thought, too. However, you can see really well in the mirrors, because you don't look past your shoulder, but through your armpits. Adjusted to the driver, the view to the rear is really reasonable. Of course, you can not now expect a view like a huge original mirror, but the view is clearly better than some other small mirrors, where you only look in front of the shoulder.

Mirror housing as well as the adapter are made of aluminum. The mirrors are with E-number! The price is for a mirror including adapter, instructions & mounting hardware.

MIttlerweile we use for the kit a higher quality LSL mirror, which has a very noble, glass bead blasted & anodized surface (see mirror detail pictures). On the installed photos is still another mirror installed (which is identical in shape, but does not have such a noble surface and is not from LSL).

Available in black again in week 35
Modelle BMW R nineT: R nineT /5 EU 4, R nineT Classic EU 3, R nineT Classic EU 4, R nineT Pure EU 4, R nineT Scrambler EU 4, R nineT Urban GS EU 4