Motogadget ist Speedster

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Motoscope mst speedster The mst speedster is a small, analog speedometer in attractive... more
Product information "Motogadget ist Speedster"

Motoscope mst speedster

The mst speedster is a small, analog speedometer in attractive retro design.
Technically, the instrument is identical to the motoscope tiny.
The dial is inspired by the Streamline design of the forties and fifties. Fittingly, it is kept in a warmer white.
The pointer is tuned in its shape on the dial and made of brushed stainless steel and the screw ring is also here polished or black anodized available.

All further characteristics and technical data of the instrument correspond to the motoscope tiny.
The analog black-and-white contrast dial is illuminated indirectly by white LEDs. Behind the black part of the dial, an innovative LED display is hidden, which only lights up during operation by the dial and is not visible when switched off.
In order to achieve optimum readability in the dark, sun and twilight, the brightness of the LEDs is automatically adjusted.
If the 200 km / h is exceeded on the analog scale, the speed is automatically displayed in the LED display. Also, the maximum speed is stored.

The 4 indicator lights (blue, red, 2 x green) are also integrated in the dial. These too are only visible during operation.
The supplied menu button or, for example, the light button on the handlebar switches between the displays of the LED display. These LEDs can show all the things that the opriginal speedometer also displays.
The default display is the time. If required, the values ​​for total kilometers, daily kilometers, on-board voltage, etc. are displayed by pressing the button briefly.
All functions, such as resetting the daily kilometers or similar, are easy to operate via the button. Of course, default settings or stored values ​​are also stored without power supply.
Modelle BMW R9T: R nineT /5, R nineT Classic Euro 4, R nineT Pure Euro 4, R nineT Racer, R nineT Scrambler Euro 4, R nineT Urban GS Euro 4
Modelle Triumph AC bis 2015: Bonneville SE Gussrad, Bonneville T100 EFI, Bonneville T100 Vergaser, Scrambler EFI, Scrambler Vergaser, Speedmaster / America, Thruxton 900 EFI, Thruxton Vergaser
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