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Motoscope mst Vinatge. It will never be more classic. Screw ring and hands made of solid... more
Product information "Motogadget mst Vintage"
  • Motoscope mst Vinatge. It will never be more classic. Screw ring and hands made of solid brass. The handmade, used look is slightly different on each instrument and makes it unique. "Genuine Manufacture Quality Made in Germany".

    Classicbike-Raisch offers some special mounting plates and materials for Motogadget instruments (you can find them all under the accessories in this description).
    In addition, an additional box is needed to connect the speedometers on many motorcycles (also found under the accessories).
    Model specific descriptions can be found below the general description.

    Technically the instrument is identical to the motoscope tiny.
    The dial is based on the streamline design of the forties and fifties. Matching to this, it is kept in a warmer white.
    The shape of the hand matches the dial and is made of brushed stainless steel, and the screw ring is also available here in a polished or black anodized finish.

    All other features and technical data of the instrument correspond to the motoscope tiny.

    The analog dial in black and white contrast is indirectly illuminated by white LEDs. Hidden behind the black part of the dial is an innovative LED display that only shines through the dial when in operation and is not visible when switched off.
    To achieve optimal readability in dark, sunny and twilight conditions, the luminosity of the LEDs is automatically adjusted.
    If the 200 km/h on the analog scale is exceeded, the speed is automatically shown on the LED display. Likewise, the maximum speed is stored.

    The four indicator lights (blue, red, 2 x green) are also integrated in the dial. These also only become visible during operation.
    With the supplied menu button or e.g. the light horn button on the handlebars is switched between the displays of the LED display. These LEDs can display all the things that the original speedometer also displays.
    The default indication on the display is the time. If required, a short press of the button will display the values for total kilometers, trip kilometers, on-board voltage, etc.
    All functions, such as resetting the trip kilometers or similar, are easy to operate via the pushbutton. Presettings or stored values remain saved even without power supply.
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Triumph AC
  • For all models that have a speedometer with LCD display (odometer) from the factory, an additional break-out box is necessary to connect. This box can also be found under the accessories in this description.
  • If your Triumph has a factory speedometer snail, we offer the spacer (this allows you to remove the speedometer snail). See accessories in this description.
  • Among the accessories you will find a plug & play plate for mounting the speedometer to the original triple clamp. There is also a universal sheet metal for fitting.
  • If the speedometer is not recessed in a lamp, the outer cup or the Streamline Cup must be added.

Triumph LC
  • To mount a Motogadget speedometer on one of the water cooled Triumph Modern Classic models it is mandatory to install the additional speedometer box LC. 
  • You can find this under the accessories in this description.
  • For the Bobber & Speedmaster we offer a Plug & Play bracket for mounting the speedometer on the original triple clamp.
  • For all other models you can order the universal bracket as a base.
  • If the speedometer is not recessed in a lamp, the outer cup or the Stremline Cup must be added.

BMW R nine T
  • For mounting on a BMW R nineT is the additional box: Motogadget Mo.Hub BMW R9T needed. 
  • We recommend here but to order the complete kit (see similar articles in this description).

Modelle BMW R nineT: R nineT /5 EU 4, R nineT Classic EU 4, R nineT Pure EU 4, R nineT Racer EU 4, R nineT Scrambler EU 4, R nineT Urban GS EU 4
Modelle Triumph AC bis 2015: Bonneville SE Gussrad, Bonneville T100 EFI, Bonneville T100 Vergaser, Scrambler EFI, Scrambler Vergaser, Speedmaster / America, Thruxton 900 EFI, Thruxton Vergaser
Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black, Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Speedmaster, Speed Twin , Street Cup, Street Scrambler, Street Twin, Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200 R
R9T luggage carrier
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