Bilstein R9T shock absorber

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Bilstein-RAISCH suspension strut for the BMW R nine T series. With adjustable rebound and... more
Product information "Bilstein R9T shock absorber"

Bilstein-RAISCH suspension strut for the BMW R nine T series. With adjustable rebound and compression damping, adjustable preload incl. height adjustment +15 mm.

The basic length of the strut is 370 mm.
The original strut of the R9T Classic / Pure / Racer / nine T/5 has 370 mm.
The R9T Scrambler and the R9T G/S have a 375 mm long shock absorber.
With this damper you don't lose any travel due to the built-in height adjustment (this is not always the case with other suppliers).
A height adjustment of 10 mm on the shock absorber has an effect on the rear height with a lever ratio of 2.86 times. This makes the motorcycle easier to handle and increases the freedom from leaning. Theoretically the straight-line stability suffers. In practice, however, you can't feel it, as extensive tests have proven.
If you set the R9T Scrambler to 385 mm, this results in a clearly visible increase of the rear, which is really good for a nice Scrambler look.

This shock absorber is based on a completely new technology in the motorcycle sector. The rebound and compression stages are in one housing, without an external reservoir.
Advantage of this technology: Very short flow paths because the oil does not have to flow through the expansion tank first.
Effect: faster response to the smallest unevenness, resulting in enormous comfort. Since this strut does not come from a modular system, where fixed piston housing lengths are usually required, we were able to achieve approx. 20% more stroke than with other struts.

The rebound and compression stages are adjustable in ten stages with clear clicks. The difference between the damping stages can be clearly experienced. We have deliberately avoided a 20 or 30-fold adjustment range.

We have four different spring rates at our disposal, so that every rider weight can be covered.
Since some riders occasionally ride in pairs, the weight should always be the gross weight of the solo rider including clothing and helmet.
The Bilstein shock absorber has enough reserves; keyword "more stroke" to ride with a passenger from time to time. If it is only short distances, simply increase the pressure level with a few clicks. For longer rides you should also increase the preload.
The accessibility of the spring preload is good, so that an adjustment with a hook wrench can be done quickly.

The suspension strut is protected against water and dirt with high-quality sealing blocks from the cross area.

The Bilstein strut is the lightest R9T strut on the market with only 2.7kg.
Keyword: Unsprung masses! The original strut of the R9T Classic weighs 4.8kg - saving 2.1kg, the Scrambler, Urban GS, Racer, Pure weighs 3.9kg - saving 1.2kg.

The suspension strut is delivered with TÜV parts certificate.

For our Swiss customers we naturally provide a Swiss declaration of suitability.

Modelle BMW R9T: R nineT /5, R nineT Classic Euro 3, R nineT Classic Euro 4, R nineT Pure Euro 4, R nineT Racer, R nineT Scrambler Euro 4, R nineT Urban GS Euro 4