Safe Start Engine Protector

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Triumph has designed the air-cooled parallel twin engine to be extremely robust and virtually... more
Product information "Safe Start Engine Protector"

Triumph has designed the air-cooled parallel twin engine to be extremely robust and virtually indestructible. However, there is one weak point that has already caused engine housing damage at one time or another, namely the bearing point of the electric starter intermediate gear on the housing side.

For this reason the Safe-Start was developed. It is a quick and easy method to strengthen the bearing point massively, thus eliminating the risk of engine damage caused by a kickback of the starter mechanism.

The Safe-Start is a precision CNC milled part which is placed over the bearing. The Safe-Start is glued over the bearing with a 2-component special metal glue. A detailed assembly instruction and also the glue is enclosed.

The Safe-Start nestles itself positively around the bearing and distributes the forces in case of a kickback in such a way that no damage can occur.

This problem only becomes apparent when it is too late...

Of course we don't want to spread panic, because most engines have no problem so far. Nevertheless, we already had a few cases of this in the workshop and also in various forums worldwide some cases are known. This then means a very expensive repair, because the motor housing has to be replaced in this case.

So with this part you can prevent expensive damage!

To mount the bike, the oil has to be drained, the clutch cover has to be removed, the bike has to be leaned against a wall on the right side. Degrease and glue everything.

Additionally you need a clutch cover gasket, which is included in delivery.

Modelle Triumph AC bis 2015: Bonneville SE Gussrad, Bonneville T100 EFI, Bonneville T100 Vergaser, Scrambler EFI, Scrambler Vergaser, Speedmaster / America, Thruxton 900 EFI, Thruxton Vergaser
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