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Stump and triple clamp conversion Thruxton EFI. If you don't like the tube handlebar on your... more
Product information "Stump conversion kit"

Stump and triple clamp conversion Thruxton EFI. If you don't like the tube handlebar on your Thruxton EFI and would like to convert to stub handlebars, we have the solution for you. Complete conversion kit for stub handlebars with clean triple clamp. The kit includes a pair of stub handlebars with 1" steering tubes, a new triple clamp (original Triumph), mounting material and installation instructions. We offer the stubs in 3 different versions. Sportmatch = flat version, without elevation, very sporty Speed Match = medium version, slight elevation, sporty (+19mm elevation) Offset High = high version, clear elevation (+38mm) elevation, tour-friendly but still active, our recommendation. The stubs are available in black, silver or combined (steering tube silver / clamps black or vice versa). The triple clamp has a nice, clean surface, without the holes for the handlebar mount and the protruding sprue for the instrument mounting (speedometer cups do not stand so high anymore). The triple clamp is available in silver or black. In addition, the triple clamp offers the possibility of attaching the instruments from below, which makes the speedometer cups sit even deeper and gives the machine a flatter appearance. No Plug & Play solution, some additional modifications are necessary. The brake fitting has a sprue, which must be filed off with a Dremel or compressed air cutter, for example. Furthermore the metal sleeves of the lamp holders must be shortened a bit (e.g. with lathe, flex or lathe) to be able to mount the handlebar stubs on the fork tube. Alternatively you could use the milled lamp holders + ignition lock installation kit. The original mirrors don't fit anymore either. Here you could use nice handlebar mirrors from our accessories, or also normal mirrors with handle (adapter from us is then needed). All work and torque specifications are described in the installation instructions! We also offer the stubs individually without triple clamp.

Only single parts (e.g. bridge black stump silver) are possible on request.

We recommend using a short brake line as well, as the original one is actually too long (see accessories in this description).


Triumph AC bis 2015:
  • Thruxton 900 EFI
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  • Triumph AC bis 2015
    • Thruxton 900 EFI
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