Headlight Kit Bates 5 ¾ Zoll

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Bates Style 5 3/4 inch lamp kit with H4 headlight bulb. The kit gives the front of the machine... more
Product information "Headlight Kit Bates 5 ¾ Zoll"

Bates Style 5 3/4 inch lamp kit with H4 headlight bulb.

The kit gives the front of the machine a completely different style! The headlight is much smaller than the origjnale, moves closer to the bike and is mounted with a new bracket from below (at the fork bridge) and no longer on the side of the fork bars. The matching bracket and mounting material for mounting are included in the kit.

Works with the original speedo as well as with all accessories speedometers from our program.

The headlight has an outer diameter of 160 mm, has a metal housing and is with E-number.

To mount the kit, the original regulator and the ignition lock must be relocated. For both we have installation kit in our program (both is done quite fast). You can find the kits under the accessories articles in this description.

Built in is the H4 headlight insert (see pictures), if you want to have the LED insert like on the other pictures, you have to order the insert (see accessories in this description).
Alternatively, the same kit is also available with an LED insert directly in the headlight (see similar articles). This one is a bit simpler than the one mentioned above in the accessories.

To get an even cleaner front, you can optionally order the headlight sheet metal (see accessories in this description).

Modelle Triumph AC bis 2015: Bonneville SE Gussrad, Bonneville T100 EFI, Bonneville T100 Vergaser, Scrambler EFI, Scrambler Vergaser, Speedmaster / America, Thruxton 900 EFI, Thruxton Vergaser
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