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not only the engine and the tires are subject to constant wear, but also the fork. This topic... more
Product information "Gabelrevision"

not only the engine and the tires are subject to constant wear, but also the fork.

This topic is often given far too little attention. Of course, a fork that is 20 TKM or more without maintenance still works, the question is just how good or bad? One thing is certain: the wear does not happen overnight, it is a creeping process that you don't notice directly, you often get used to the worsening condition.

In the fork there are Teflon coated brass bushings, which lead the inner and outer fork tube to each other. Every up and down movement causes wear. The Teflon layer wears off until it is worn out at some point and the fork tubes only slide on the brass, which of course has no positive effect on the wear of the tubes.

This abrasion can then be found in the fork oil, which at some point is quite dirty and can no longer work as well as new oil. If, for example, you pour off the fork oil from a fork that has several thousand km behind it, it is only a black pampe that no longer has much to do with fork oil.

We do not want to spread panic here, but we are of the opinion that there is a need for action here! We already had forks where the sliding bushings were already completely worn out after 10TKM, again also those which were still ok after 15TKM. This is due to manufacturing tolerances of the fork tubes, the driving style (many journeys on passports with many strong braking manoeuvres naturally put more strain on the fork) and whether a fork stabilizer is installed (this also counteracts the wear, since the fork twists considerably less when braking).

Hence our recommendation.

After a good 10 TKM mileage the fork should be disassembled. Replace the bushings if necessary (usually only the bushings from the chrome standpipe wear out). Triumph does not offer the necessary bushings and recommends the complete replacement of the stanchions. (We consider this a nonsensical waste of money). Change the oil in any case, polish the standpipe, renew the oil seals sporadically (although they seldom leak) and use reasonable ÖHLINS fork springs (cost 139€ per pair) + suitable oil.

Fork revision in our house:

Fork disassembly + assembly, complete cleaning of the fork, replacement of all worn bushings, polishing of the standpipe, replacement of the Simmerrings, if necessary replacement of the dust caps, replacement of the fork oil (thicker oil for better damping, tested by us and highly recommended!!!)

You can send us your fork, we will carry out the work and send it back. Or you can come to our workshop with your motorcycle and we will do all the work. Who would like, can also wait and watch for his motorcycle. Coffee is for free!

The price varies depending on whether and which bushings or other parts are worn.

Price with delivered fork: from 109 € (+ new oil, which will be added in any case) to 238 € if everything (Simmerings, dust caps, slide bushes of the standpipe and slide bushes of the slidepipe) must be renewed, which will hardly occur. As already described above, only the sliding bushes of the standpipe are usually due, so that it usually costs 139 € for both tubes.

Price with delivered motorcycle: Increase by 70 €. Who would like to carry out the fork revision himself, can buy all parts individually with us. Find everything below.

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