HeckWeck Kit Street & Bonni Modells

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HeckWeck Kit Street & Bonni Modells

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Classicbike-Raisch Tail Wake Kit for Triumph Bonneville T100 & T120 / Street Twin Cup Scrambler.

With our HeckWeck Kit your bike gets a really sporty & tidy rear end. The large original mudguard disappears and the rear end becomes significantly shorter (looks especially cool with short, narrow seats, such as the Cool Seat).
The kit is probably the most minimalist and cleanest plug&play tail available.

Attention: If you have a StreetTwin or other flat seat on your Bonneville (e.g. our Cool Seat), you should choose the kit for the StreetTwin.

The kit consists of: An aluminium lower shell (serves as a splash guard in the rear & as a holder for electronic components under the seat), an aluminium number plate holder (both black powder coated), an LED number plate light (with E-number, holes on the number plate holder are already present), all cables, plugs & screws needed for installation (a plug that fits into the original wiring harness is included), as well as very detailed step-by-step installation instructions.

As the HeckWeck kit does NOT include a central tail light, it is mandatory to have 3in1 indicators (these combine indicator, tail & brake light in one indicator).
Further down in this description you can order the turn signals as a set and get a 10% discount on the turn signals.
All the turn signals listed here have an E-number and are road legal.

With the kit in combination with the 3-1 turn signals, the rear is completely free and the number plate is flush with the seat (no central tail light is needed).

If you don't feel like wiring, crimping and soldering the enclosed cables and plugs, you can also order this service (see accessories in the description).
In other words, only the indicators, lights, etc. need to be crimped and can then be connected without having to change anything in the wiring harness. The conversion can be done without any problems even by less experienced screwdrivers (as the installation instructions are very detailed).
Resistors are not necessary, as the flashing frequency can be adjusted via the menu.

You will find suitable indicators for the front below in the accessories section of this description.


The kit is available in 2 versions.
Version 1: The turn signals are mounted on the inside of the suspension strut with a retaining plate. When the ignition is switched off, you almost think there are no turn signals on the bike (but you can see them well enough when they are on). However, this is not Stvo-compliant, as the indicators are too far to the rear.

Version 2: The turn signals are mounted directly on the number plate. Retaining straps are then attached to the licence plate holder. (Stvo compliant).

If you want it to be 100% correct for TÜV & police, you can order a reflector (see accessories).
We also recommend ordering our licence plate screw set for a beautiful installation (see accessories in this description). 

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