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  • CB11652
Hot Rod complete exhaust system for Bonneville T120 / T100 & Thruxton 1200 / Thruxton R Thruxton... more
Product information "Hot Rod Exhaust"

Hot Rod complete exhaust system for Bonneville T120 / T100 & Thruxton 1200 / Thruxton R Thruxton R with E-number.
The exhaust system is ONLY approved for the Bonneville T120.


The Hot Road stainless steel complete system, is different in style from most other exhaust systems found on the aftermarket.
The exhaust system is rebuilt in the matching handle, but it really makes a difference on the bike! Because the exhaust is so nicely short, you get a completely free and clean rear.

The manifolds can easily be connected to the original KAT box. So the exhaust system is homogated and streets legal. The very good quality and fitting accuracy, provide for a high-quality optics and a problem-free cultivation. To assembly still new elbow seals are needed (see accessories in this description).
The rear silencers are delivered with DB-Killer (which you can also upgrade for more sound). If the exhaust is not loud enough, you can also replace the KAT box with an X-Pipe (see accessories in this description).

Since the exhaust system weighs only approx. 5Kg, there is a weight saving compared to the series: Bonneville 7kg (series 12kg) / Thruxton 5kg (series 10kg).
The exhaust system also brings a bit of performance (see performance curve in the photos). However, if you are looking for much more power, we recommend our Raisch Tuning Kits.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200 R , Thruxton 1200 RS
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