Lowering speedo & headlights Speed Twin

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This lamp holder kit lowers the original headlight and speedometer of the Triumph Speed Twin.... more
Product information "Lowering speedo & headlights Speed Twin"

This lamp holder kit lowers the original headlight and speedometer of the Triumph Speed Twin.

Very often and for a long time we sat in front of our Speed Twin and thought it was a nice bike! But something just does not fit. Something is not right in the front part! After some considerations, drawings and a few beers we realized that the headlight and the speedometer are just too high and look like foreign objects on the bike. The position of the headlight spoils the beautiful line of the bike.
So we have developed a kit, with which the headlight as well as the speedometer is set 4cm lower. Furthermore the headlight moves 1,5cm closer to the bike and doesn't stand out so far to the front anymore.
Also you have a nice free view on the nice handlebar clamp, because it is not covered by the speedometer anymore.
The kit consists of 2 CNC milled aluminium lamp holders, a milled speedo lowering and screws.

The lamp holders can be exchanged Plug & Play with the original ones. The speedo lowering is simply screwed between the speedo holder and the speedo. Assembly time approx. 10 minutes.

Rarely have we had a part in our assortment that brings such a positive change to the motorcycle with so little effort.
Because pictures say more than thousand words, just look at the pictures!
IMPORTANT! click on the pictures and have a look at them in large size, because they are moving pictures, which show the change from original to lowering.

The kit is available in deep black anodized and in raw aluminium.
In raw aluminium the holders and the lowering are perfect for polishing or painting in motorcycle colour.
For polishing the Motul aluminium polish from our assortment is perfectly suitable (see accessories in this description). Polishing takes about 10 minutes (The pictures of the kit on wood show polished holders).

Accessories: we also offer a schwarezn set of screws as accessories (see accessories in this description). The kit includes all visible screws on the lamp holders, in black.

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