Outdoor Leather Case Bonneville LC

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Leather outdoor bag. Genuine "HEAVY DUTY" quality for Bonneville T100 & T120. It is 4mm... more
Product information "Outdoor Leather Case Bonneville LC"

Leather outdoor bag. Genuine "HEAVY DUTY" quality for Bonneville T100 & T120. It is 4mm thick bull leather. Water resistant, made by hand. The metal buckles and rivets are made of solid brass and then nickel plated. This small manufactory called "WILD HOG" comes from Italy. We discovered you on the Tridays and our enthusiasm was really great for these bags. Did not know that there is still something robust in this day and age.
A bag for the whole life and also for inheritance.
Yes, that's a real expensive affair, but once you've got this leather in your hand, it'll be worth the price.
The contents of a bag is a good 18 liters. Dimensions: 37x34x16 cm. That's more than you think. There are already a few pants, socks, chain spray + tools in!
If the bag is removed through the Fastbracket (is in and out in no time), only a barely disturbing small holder remains on the motorcycle, which does not disturb the appearance. The bag with the Fastbracket is equipped with a lock + key, so that a quick theft is prevented .
The bags are available in black & dark brown. To the inside, an aluminum plate is sewn into the bag so that everything stays stable. Is absolutely high speed suitable. Of course I have already tested.

The bags are fastened with a removable & lockable holder (only takes a few seconds). This holder is included.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120
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