Underbar Classic Round Mirror

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Expected to be available again in week 20 (May 17). Underbar mirror in a with classic... more
Product information "Underbar Classic Round Mirror"

Expected to be available again in week 20 (May 17).

Underbar mirror in a with classic round mirrors for all those who stand more on the classic handle. Suitable for Bobber & Bobber Black, Speedmaster. These mirrors ensure a really flat appearance above the handlebars, because with these mirrors there is nothing more. An extremely cool style, because the mirrors are hardly noticeable. Nevertheless you have a very good view to the back (better than in most normal mirrors mounted on top), because you don't have to look at the shoulders anymore but only at the talie vorbai. Looks great on both the Bobber/Speedmaster and Bonneville models!

Meanwhile the mirror has been replaced by a high quality LSL mirror, which is much better in workmanship and finish, see the last three pictures.

A black coated screw is included to fix the mirror. Due to the black head of the screw, it is virtually invisible above the fittings.

When mounting the mirrors you have to be a little careful, because they have to be adjusted exactly so that you have a view to the rear, but the mirror does not reach the tank when the handlebar is turned.

The mirrors are E-numbered!

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Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black 16", Speedmaster
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