Underbar Mirror Kit Triumph Speed Twin 1200

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Motgadget Underbar mirror kit suitable for Triumph Speed Twin 1200 with original handlebars as... more
Product information "Underbar Mirror Kit Triumph Speed Twin 1200"

Motgadget Underbar mirror kit suitable for Triumph Speed Twin 1200 with original handlebars as well as some accessories handlebars. With E-number / road legal

This mirror kit provides a really flat & cool line above the handlebar, because with these mirrors there is nothing more. An extremely cool style, because the mirrors are hardly noticeable. Because of the adjustable articulation on the mirrors, they can run flat and straight under the handlebar.
Nevertheless you have a good view to the rear (better than in many other accessory mirrors which are mounted above the handlebar), because you don't have to look past the shoulders anymore, but only at the waist.

Included in the delivery is a mirrorless motogadget mirror with E-number (exact mirror description see below) as well as a new CNC milled mirror adapter mount.
For the mirrors are 3 different versions to choose from.
For the adapters are 2 different versions to choose from (Standard: simple black aluminum adapters / CNC-Milled: elaborate, CNC-milled adapters in matte black anodized with milled T - Logo / The T is on the head of the underbar mirrors, which looks even better as a pure logo).

Here you can find the CNC adapter, if you want to have more information about it. Photos of the two adapters you can also see below the pictures (you just have to change the version in the selection to see the different adapters).

When mounting the mirrors you have to be careful, because they have to be adjusted exactly, so that you have a view to the rear, but the mirror does not reach the tank when hitting the handlebar. (Mounting instructions included).

To the mirrorless mirrors:
These new and beautiful Motogadget mirrors have a whole new mirror technique! They do completely without mirror glass. The special feature of this mirror is the patented mirror surface, which is worked directly on the metal of the body. The aluminium itself is the mirror surface! Thus a weightless design without edge and frame is possible and the mirror body itself becomes extremely thin and light. Glass breakage or fallen out glasses are simply not possible! A new mirror design that is unparalleled on the market, but will not be found!
These mirrors are really an absolute highlight on every motorcycle!


The pictures show the mirrors mounted on a BMW R9T.

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