Twinton headlight with speedometer mounting

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  • CB11913.1
  • 106957-F15
The Twinton 7" headlight for Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster, allows the original speedometer of... more
Product information "Twinton headlight with speedometer mounting"

The Twinton 7" headlight for Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster, allows the original speedometer of the motorcycle to be mounted almost plug & play in the headlight.

The headlight is available as a simple H4 bulb headlight or as a modern LED headlight.
Our recommendation is to invest the additional price for the LED headlight here. This one makes much better light and looks nicer (unless you are totally into oldschool, then a H4 headlight is mandatory!)
This gives the front of the bike a very clean look, because the complete area in front of the handlebars is free.
Since the speedometer is not exactly small, it is very noticeable in its original position. Because it disappears in the headlight housing, it is almost not noticeable anymore.

The headlamp housing is made of a very stable nylon-polymide, produced in laser-sintered 3D printing process. The lamp ring is chrome-plated metal.
The original speedometer is simply fixed in the fixed mounting points in the headlight housing.

For the assembly new lamp holders are needed additionally. We recommend the Twinton bulb holders which have been specially developed for the headlight (see accessories in this description).

Info about the H4 headlight: In the scope of delivery is NO H4 bulb included. A really good and bright bulb you will find under the accessories in this description.

The models which have a LED headlight as standard need an adapter cable (see accessories in this description).

  • Size 7 inch.
  • Manufactured by selective laser sintering.
  • Material is a high-strength nylon-polyamide 12.
  • Chrome-plated housing ring with embossed glass insert.
  • Diameter approx. 200 mm / depth 180 mm.
  • Lateral attachment with M8 thread, distance approx. 200 mm.
  • With E-mark, approved as main headlamp.
  • Attention! Headlight cannot be mounted at the original mounting point.
  • Speedometer itself not included in the scope of delivery!
  • Suitable lamp holders are required.
Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black 16", Speedmaster
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