Rear Loop LED Stripe LC

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Rear arch / loop including clamping sleeves and LED stripe taillight and a 3D printed holder for... more
Product information "Rear Loop LED Stripe LC"

Rear arch / loop including clamping sleeves and LED stripe taillight and a 3D printed holder for the taillight for all water-cooled Bonneville & Street models.

In the round arch is a milled out and 3 holes on the back to insert the supplied LED strip and the holder. Detailed instructions are included.

The absolute classic, but also the most elaborate and beautiful among the rear conversions!
In addition to the visual aspect, the connection of the two rear frame tubes brings a significant stiffening of the entire frame, which leads to a stabilization of the driving behavior.
The original rear frame is shortened according to personal preference and the round arch is also cut to the appropriate desired length.
The supplied fitting sleeves are inserted into the round arch and welded (this work must be done by the customer).
The other side of the fitting sleeve goes into the shortened rear frame. A thread is cut into it from below and then bolted. Of course, it can also be welded tight (work must be done by the customer).

The round arch is available in 2 versions Option1: straight version Option 2: with angle.

On request, a special plate can also be purchased with it, from which a seat base plate can be perfectly built. This must be done individually for each rear conversion to have a perfectly finished seat as in the photos.

In the accessory articles of this description you will find a very practical metal sheet that can be welded into the round arch. The sheet facilitates the attachment of a seat and a fender.

The rear round bends are not a plug&play solution. Adjustment work must be done.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Street Cup, Street Scrambler, Street Twin
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