Bonneville LC Handlebar Kit

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Bonneville LC Handlebar Kit

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Handlebar Kit for Triumph Bonneville T120 & T100.

The kit includes the handlebar, which provides a slightly more comfortable seating position and a nicer look. The handlebar has a nice and very comfortable to ride crank. It is not quite as straight and flat as the original (I would say the pictures say enough here).

Included in the kit is:

  • LSL handlebars (choice of steel or aluminum. In the aluminum version, the handlebar is in black matt Perlgestrahlt, which looks very high quality. In the pictures the aluminum handlebar is installed).
  • 2x Motogadget handlebar end mirrors (Attention not all selectable mirrors are with E-number). 
  • Optionally a pair of Motogadget handlebar end turn signals or Rizoma handlebar end caps. Both provide an elegant and perfect transition from handlebar end to mirror. (If you decide for the turn signals, we recommend you to order a set of turn signal plugs for easier wiring. You will find them further down in this description under the accessories articles).

Mirrors, turn signals / end caps you can select further down in the description.
To order the parts in a set, you must scroll down in the description and choose from the two groups (mirror & handlebar end) one product for you. For the mirrors, two are automatically added to the cart, since the set only works with two mirrors.
Should you order handlebar end turn signals, please order one left & one right.
The Rizoma handlebar end caps are supplied as a pair.

ATTENTION: The kit works only as a whole. We do not recommend buying the handlebars separately, because the cables & wires are then no longer enough.

The handlebars are delivered with ABE. All original lines and cables are long enough and do not need to be replaced.

Handlebar dimensions: 810 mm wide & 80 mm high

The handlebar heater can NOT be taken over.

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