Thruxton 1200 King & Queen Slim Seat

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Exclusive Classicbike-Raisch Slim Seat, with leather hump as King & Queen version for 2 man... more
Product information "Thruxton 1200 King & Queen Slim Seat"

Exclusive Classicbike-Raisch Slim Seat, with leather hump as King & Queen version for 2 man operation, for the Triumph Thruxton 1200 & Thruxton R.
The Thruxton 1200 has a beautiful rear frame with round arch, but you can't see anything of it! An absolute disgrace. So we made it our business to build a slender and short bench that completely exposes the rear frame of the Thruxton. The result is a narrower line and a rear that looks for its equal (especially in connection with the HeckWeck Kit, see accessories in this description). The Thruxton is also delivered with a 1 man bench seat. Who would like to drive a round in twos needs a second seat.
Pictures say more than words here.

The benches are manufactured in small series and completely in manual labour here in Germany.
We have deliberately chosen a very high quality artificial leather (with grain looks like real leather!) for the bench, as this is more durable & easier to clean. In addition, artificial leather bleaches hardly to not at all and retains its dark black.
The upholstery is made of various high-quality foam materials (sandwich construction) to provide the highest possible seating comfort.
The seat base plate is made of extremely high-quality and stiff plastic. Thus the plate can be kept very thin, whereby the seat is beautifully flat, does not become unnecessarily heavy and is nevertheless completely stable.

Due to the very narrow seat base plate, the original retaining eyes in the middle of the frame have to be cut off (see the last product photos). Even without these eyelets, the original seat can still be mounted normally, without shaking or anything else. We recommend to dab the frame at the interface with a black varnish to prevent rust.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200 R , Thruxton 1200 RS
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