Zard Flat Track R9T Euro4 Exhaust top lying

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  • CB11494
  • ZBMW538SSO
Zard 2-1 Slip On Damper for R9T Euro4 in Flat Track Style. Fits R9T Classic, Urban GS, Pure... more
Product information "Zard Flat Track R9T Euro4 Exhaust top lying"

Zard 2-1 Slip On Damper for R9T Euro4 in Flat Track Style. Fits R9T Classic, Urban GS, Pure & Racer. With E-number (in the Road version) Fits also to the Euro3 models (but is without registration)

A rear silencer in Flat Track / Dirt Track terrain style. Who wants to convert his Scrambler nice rustic on terrain bike, for which there is no way past the Flat Track exhaust system!
In addition to the look, the exhaust also captivates with its beautifully dull and rich sound as it is in a 2 cylinder boxer.
Of course, a 2-1 exhaust can never be as dull as a 2-2 exhaust. But Zard got really good at this exhaust. But if you want to be as dull as possible, we recommend the Hardy or Thunderbolt exhaust.

In the basic version, the exhaust is delivered in stainless steel (looks very nice). Alternatively, the exhaust can also be ordered in black ceramic coated (delivery time here is about 2 weeks extra). For this, please see the accessories article ceramic coating Zard R9T single ESD (see accessories in this description).
The coating we make ourselves in a German company, because the coating from Zard does not meet our standards and Zard also requires a delivery time of at least 6 weeks (rather longer) needed.

Optionally, you can also order end grilles for the exhaust. These then sit at the two outlets of the exhaust (see photo). As standard, the exhaust will be delivered without the grille (see photo 2). If you would like to have the grille on the exhaust, you must order the article "Grille for Zard Exhaust" (see accessories in this description).

Modelle BMW R9T: R nineT /5, R nineT Classic Euro 3, R nineT Classic Euro 4, R nineT Pure Euro 4, R nineT Racer, R nineT Urban GS Euro 4
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