Sprocket 1200ccm ori & shorter transmition

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Chain Ring:

  • CB11187
  • 92-29038-40
Chainring for 1200ccm engines with 525 chains 44, 42, 40 or 37 teeth. The original motorcycles... more
Product information "Sprocket 1200ccm ori & shorter transmition"

Chainring for 1200ccm engines with 525 chains 44, 42, 40 or 37 teeth.
The original motorcycles have shorter gear ratios: Bonneville T120 37 teeth / Bobber 37 teeth (much too long gear ratio) / Thruxton 1200 & Speed Twin 42 teeth Motorcycle runs much better with the shorter gear ratio over the complete rev range (maximum speed is also not lost). And just below the bike it pushes again differently.

In addition, the chainring is black and looks even better.

An absolute recommendation from us!

Attention at Bonneville T120: Triumph has changed the swingarm length of some models (Thruxton & Speed Twin NOT affected) over the years (new models have longer swingarms).
Who has a longer swingarm can only use the 42 chainring in combination with a longer chain (this can be ordered from us on request). As an alternative to the 42er chainring you can also use a 16er sprocket 40er chainring, which results in almost the same transmission ratio as the 42er chainring.
You can simply measure if you have installed the long or short swingarm on your motorcycle (see the product photos).

Attention at Bobber & Speedmaster: If a side plate holder is installed on the motorcycle (e.g. from our program), then the original chain is only sufficient for the 40er chainring. If you still want the 42 chainring, you have to buy a longer chain from us. Is available on request.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bobber, Bobber Black, Bonneville T120, Speedmaster, Speed Twin , Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200 R , Thruxton 1200 RS
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