PowerKit Street Twin & Street Cup Stage 3

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PowerKit Street Twin & Street Cup Stage 3. Consists of: Raisch Racing camshaft, sports air... more
Product information "PowerKit Street Twin & Street Cup Stage 3"

PowerKit Street Twin & Street Cup Stage 3.

Consists of: Raisch Racing camshaft, sports air filter, Raisch milled air filter cover (with larger air intake), Powercommander 5 (with ignition adjustment + RAISCH special mapping) & a new Lima cover gasket.
The series camshaft of the 900er models has very tame timing, you have a high torque at quite low revs, but from 4500 rpm the torque and therefore also the power kinks strongly. With our Racing camshaft you achieve a significant increase in power + 10.5 hp and + 2.5 NM at the peak values. You have to leave some springs, below 3300 rpm you lose a bit. However, this range is not really full throttle relevant and therefore one runs over the "power loss" without noticing it (look at the stage 4 +, here the lower speed range is stronger). Above 3400 rpm you have a clear increase in performance. At 6800 rpm you even achieve a plus of 16 hp and 16.5 NM.
Finally it's a pleasure to turn the 900cc engines a bit. Instead of air there is now fire, if you want to be sporty on the road, or need reserves for overtaking. But also the important, medium speed range around 4000-4500 rpm is noticeably stronger than the series, see also performance diagram (The data in the diagrams are rear wheel measurements, see general description in the product group).
Our mappings have been determined with a lot of time on the test bench. These mappings are immediately uploaded to the Powercommander by us, resulting in a Plug&Play solution. Thus one saves oneself an own tuning on strange test benches which are also very expensive. In addition to the increase in performance, this also results in a more harmonious and finer engine run. We increase the speed limit by 1000 rpm (from series 6500 rpm to 7500 rpm), which is in the absolutely healthy range (the 1200 motors are basically identical in construction and rotate just as high). This kit is of course without road approval and only suitable for race track use. With this kit the camshaft has to be mounted and the valves adjusted, which takes about 3,5 hours. Installation time 5 hours.

This kit is primarily intended for riders who don't want the bike to get louder, but still don't want to miss out on the power plus of the camshaft.

A note for mounting the camshaft is included.

Triumph LC ab 2016:
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  • Street Twin EU 4
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  • Triumph LC ab 2016
    • Street Cup
    • Street Twin EU 4
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