Zard Short / Slim Bonni T120

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  • CB11368
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A beautiful short Auspuffalage for the Bonneville T120 with E-number. This exhaust is... more
Product information "Zard Short / Slim Bonni T120"

A beautiful short Auspuffalage for the Bonneville T120 with E-number. This exhaust is supplied complete with new manifolds, which are then also connected to the original KAT Box.

The Zard Short and the Slim 2-2 mufflers have a nice dull and rich sound. The DB-Eater are dismountable. All mounting materials are included. The EC-approved rear silencers have an engraved E number and do not have to be entered in the vehicle documents. This results in a weight saving of about 5kg. Convince yourself of the sound: Sound Video
In order to remove the DB-Killer from the exhaust system, a welding spot that is difficult to access must be drilled out and milled away.
If you want to have this done, you have to order the additional article DB-Killer Zard Exhaust CB11514 (see accessories in this description).

The exhaust is available in 2 variants: in the short it is the shorter version and in the SLim the slightly longer. Anyone who orders the Slim variant can convert the exhaust to the Short variant at any time.

As standard, the exhaust is delivered in stainless steel (very nice surface). Alternatively, in the accessories of this Varainte against surcharge, another surface treatment (eg black to be ordered). However, these items have a longer delivery time (please inquire in advance).

There are special Racing DB-killers developed by us for the exhaust for more sound than series and also more performance (because the original DB-killer is quite closed). For the sound you want. See accessories in this item description.

For Swiss customers, the exhaust can be delivered with a declaration of suitability.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Bonneville T120
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