Zard Speed Twin / Thruxton 1200 GP Exhaust

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  • CB11764
  • ZTPH093SSO
Zard 2-2 Slip on stainless steel exhaust for Triumph Speed Twin & Thruxton 1200. Attention for... more
Product information "Zard Speed Twin / Thruxton 1200 GP Exhaust"

Zard 2-2 Slip on stainless steel exhaust for Triumph Speed Twin & Thruxton 1200. Attention for the Thruxton 1200 WITHOUT approval.

The very high-quality stainless steel silencers are really nice short and crisp and remind as their name already says, a little bit of a Moto GP exhaust. Such a nice short exhaust system underlines the sporty line of the Speed Twin & Thruxton. The rather clumsy original exhaust always catches the eye of the motorcycles.
A little more power brings the exhaust opposite the series also (power curve see pictures). But if you really want more power, we recommend to use our power kits.

The sound becomes audibly better and more pithy through the exhaust, but in our ears does not bring the desired AHA effect that one hopes for. Sound video see below.
We recommend the people who like it a bit more lusty and louder to order our additional Zard Racing DB-Killer (see accessories article in this description without road approval). With the Racing DB-Killers the bike has the lusty and nice dull bass sound a 1200cc engine should have! The advantage here remains that a DB-Killer is built in, the bike doesn't get too loud and it looks like everything is original.
In order to remove the original DB-Killer from the exhaust system, a hard to reach welding spot has to be drilled out and milled away (takes a little more than half an hour). If you want us to do this, you have to order the additional article DB-Killer Ausbau Zard Auspuff CB11514 (see accessories in this description).
If the sound is still not enough for you, you have to install the X-Pipe (cat replacement pipe) (see accessories in this description).

The exhaust system is available either with E-number or as racing version (without E-number). The end caps are also available in stainless steel (same design as the rest of the exhaust) or carbon (extra charge).
The rear silencers are also available in black ceramic-coated. We have this done by ourselves, because it takes a very long time from Zard and we are much more convinced of the quality of our coating. Then it takes about two weeks. Simply order in the accessories of this description.


For Swiss customers, the exhausts can be delivered with a declaration of suitability.

Modelle Triumph LC ab 2016: Speed Twin , Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 1200 R , Thruxton 1200 RS
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